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The analysis of CTC Kefeidi
B:Clear business philosophy, clear market positioning
1、Products in the middle grade, low priced imported wine based, high, medium, secondary, to adapt to the various consumer classes;
2、Large volume of products, the mainstream products in grades, price range, between the current mainstream of market sales of high-grade imported wine and medium and low domestic wine, the market advantage is obvious ;
A:Adhere to the original bottle
Ensure product quality
1、Products from internationally recognized wine producing countries, regions and Manor;
2、The product of cooperation with France, Australia, Spain, Italy, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, the United States and other famous wine producing country, currently has more than 100 fine manor, 1000 variety of famous Wine distribution rights or exclusive rights and registered trademarks in the China have independent brands, have a certain scale of production and supply;
3、Products from high quality, packaging, taste and other aspects of high satisfaction, quality stability;
4、CTC Kefeidi the company product line and price level relatively complete, for the trend of future development of the market of consumer needs;
5、All products are in strict accordance with the provisions of international law and Chinese national food quality supervision and inspection and Quarantine Bureau of standards and regulations to provide all legal documents required for Chinese registered trademark review, wine kind health, physical and chemical indicators qualified;
6、Import procedures in strict accordance with the statutory procedures, a full set of import formalities complete, legitimate;
At present, it has Kefeidi CTC
Australia, Chile, France, Spain and other countries famous wine Zhuang brand series:
  • French wine series
  • Five red stars in Australia
    Top Manor wine series
  • Spanish wine series
  • Chile wine series
CTC Kefeidi the strong support of the policy
  • 1
    Direct dealer
    Free delivery to the door
  • 2
    Can arrange
    Salesman to direct dealer, local help dealer, extension and on-site instruction
    (for accommodation to be arranged by the dealer)
  • 3
    In no effect
    Under the premise of the two sales of products, direct dealers are allowed to exchange goods unconditionally
  • 4
    Ensure that every place
    There is only one direct distributor in the city, so as to protect your interests
  • 5
    All customers in the region are divided into direct dealers and customers, and are supplied by direct dealers
  • 6
    Company grant
    Straight distributors, company products, such as regional direct dealer plaque
The CTC Kefeidi operating advantages
1、We will adopt effective operational strategies which are different from those of major domestic brands and major import brands。

2、After a thorough investigation, we carefully and scientifically analyze the market and determine the reasonable and effective products and marketing positioning,
We have to direct distributors and consumers to provide high quality products, and pay attention to the sales network construction and retail dealer training, to maximize the role of local direct distributors, rational utilization of resources, implementation of scientific management, and strive to achieve low cost and high return, and partners together, to achieve mutual benefit. A win-win situation。

3、We deeply understand the current domestic and imported wine marketing practices,
We will never imitate suicidal short-term marketing practices that are shortsighted and selfish. Our relationship with direct dealers will always be based on mutually beneficial partnerships,
Resolutely put an end to "trade oriented cooperation" short-term behavior。
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