Brand introduction
Brand profile
year Industry precipitation
Diversified transnational group
Guangzhou city Kefeidi the enterprise management services Limited is a multinational company, under the joint venture joint venture in Australia, Chile, 4, holding 1 shares of the winery, joint venture brewery group 2, comprehensive advantages in one of the sets of origin direct mining, the original bottle of Chateau wine Zhuang brand building, brand output and operation and the promotion and dissemination of culture, Wine chain standardization system output operation management in one of the import Wine and liquor chain enterprise management institutions, the founder of Kefeidi after 18 years of precipitation industry, led a team of professionals, companies located in the main area of origin Wine spread the world customs and Wine deep culture, and comprehensive the management and operation of the winery brand chain supermarket service enterprises, with high quality and price for his native wine as the carrier, the creation of the terminal Consumer's best experience and brand reputation. "The selection of wine, strive for perfection" is our consistent pursuit!
Cooperation with famous wine producing countries
Owns more than 100 fine estates
The company is now with France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Australia; cooperation of the United States, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand and other famous wine producing country, currently has more than 100 fine manor, 1000 variety of famous Wine distribution rights or exclusive rights in the national market, strong promotion, industry elite, while seeking success entrepreneurs, wine lovers and fancier sincere cooperation, according to customer demand, the development of tourism, the winery winery tours, winery investigation and experience, winery shares, winery holdings, brand agents, OEM group OEM, forms of cooperation by my company with the completion of the whole.
The Kefeidi staff after years of unremitting efforts, solidarity, work together, and gradually establish a practical operation of the elite team, and laid a solid foundation for the expansion of the national market.
Business process
Enterprise process
More than 18 years of Wine industry operating experience, from grape cultivation, cultivation, brewing, taste to Wine are experienced by the winemaking team Cengcengbaguan,
To ensure the quality of wine. Company's products from the main areas of the world Wine France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, Australia; the United States, South Africa, Argentina, New Zealand: All the wines are from the original bottles imported from the foreign wineries, which have cooperative relations with the company. There are more than 2000 items of single products.
The company each product by Cao Jie chairman of our professional sommelier team from foreign history, winery winemakers, grape varieties, brewing methods, grape growing climate, climate and other factors had to personally check.
Ensure the quality of the wine sold by the platform, and be 100 percent responsible to the consumers.
Product advantage
Product advantage
  • 01Advantage of producing area
    A famous winery company each a Wine from France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Australia, the United States, Chile, South Africa and other Wine producers, each wine by the chairman of the company with the top taster personally screening, to ensure that each wine has high cost, achieve 100% of consumers responsible for.
  • 02Price advantage
    The price is 50 yuan to 300 yuan for a family meal wine, 300 yuan, 800 yuan of the wine business, 800 yuan to 1500 yuan level tasting wine, wine cellar and top grade genuine 1500 yuan limited edition wine. Every price range are several ten single product choices for consumers, each section of the company's products are directly from the original bottle of imported foreign wineries, no intermediate links, the price can be the lowest.
  • 03Category advantage
    Each wine is imported from the original bottle. The product covers all the wine categories. More than 2000 products are imported。
Enterprise values
corporate values
Mission:Become China's first import chain of wine chain service platform to create consumer moved China's first wine service platform!

vision:Carrying overseas wine culture and Chinese consumption to build quality leisure life!

Idea:Dissemination of cost-effective products, providing value-added services, creating consumption, experience touched!

Purpose:Each drop from the original winery grape cultivation to terminal consumption of the original bottle experience!

belief:Cultural impact on customers, sincerely moved customers, quality lock customers!

target:With ten years affected one hundred million consumers, to become the first brand of imported red wine sales!